Quentin is a 3.5-month-old male puppy, a delightful and petite member of the canine world, falling under the category of a small cross breed.

Although the precise combination of his breeds remains a mystery, his rescuer suggests a blend that includes a hint of spaniel mixed with something smaller. Currently weighing a mere 2.7kg, Quentin is anticipated to maintain his diminutive stature even as he ventures into adulthood.

This endearing little boy embodies the typical exuberance of a puppy – playful, cheerful, and unafraid, always eager to participate in the activities surrounding him.

Quentin is exceptionally amicable, readily forming connections with everyone he encounters and soaking up affectionate cuddles without any reservations. His interactions with children have been positive, displaying an equally affectionate nature towards them.

Fostered in a home environment, Quentin enjoys early socialization to various noises and stimuli, enhancing his adaptability. Additionally, he has been introduced to car journeys, broadening his range of early experiences.

Quentin’s sociable nature extends to interactions with other dogs, irrespective of their size. He confidently engages with larger dogs, demonstrating a resilient and friendly disposition.

Given his tender age, potential adopters should be prepared for the essential training Quentin will require as he matures. This includes aspects such as housetraining, lead training, command training, and ongoing socialization efforts.

Notably, Quentin is yet to undergo neutering, and prospective adopters should commit to this procedure once he reaches an appropriate age. The pup has already received vaccinations, undergone microchipping, and received a comprehensive health check by a vet.

Currently fostered in Romania, Quentin is set to embark on his journey to a forever home at the end of February, once he reaches the suitable age for travel.

For those considering adopting Quentin, his charming personality, adaptability, and endearing qualities make him an ideal addition to a loving household.

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