Quino and Gara are 6 month old male and 9 year old female Cross-Breeds, respectively. They are mother and son. We rescued this little family when Gara entered with her new born baby of just some days of life the pound in Northern Spain).

Quino was a small ball that fitted in our hand and Gara was extremely tired when she arrived. It seemed that she was tired of living and that the only thing that kept her in this world was her baby.

With the support of many people we were able to get them out of this awful place and into a boarding kennel where Gara was able to raise Quino in a safe environment. Gara did a great job with Quino who is the center of her attention and she spoils him a lot. Quino is very affectionate and is always looking for cuddles, although he is a bit shy. He loves to get attention and treats.

We don’t know the father of Quino, but taking into account his current size and the size of his large mother we are sure that Quino will be a large sized dog of about 35kg or maybe more when full grown. He is a puppy and obviously an active dog, so he will probably have a high level of activity when fully grown up.

Gala is a sensitive dog that needs to be with someone sweet and gentle because if she is told off or knows that you are angry, she bows her head in submission. She is social with all humans and other dogs, both male and female. Her only vice is that she chews and breaks the plastic beds in the boarding kennel.

Gara has probably experienced a terrible life and Quino is the only thing that she has, because she adores him. It would be heartbreaking, especially for Gara, to separate them, which is why we are looking for a home who is happy to take both.

Gara and Quino are looking for a dog experienced home, especially with large sized breeds. Quino is a typical naughty puppy and Gara is a haven of peace. The education of a puppy is time consuming, therefore we are looking for a responsible home without young children. Neither has been tested with dogs or children and they can’t be tested with them.

Gara and Quino are ready and able to travel to the Wales or England (NOT Scotland) as soon as their forever home comes forward. The person or family that decides to adopt them will take two treasures with them.

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TeLuMa’s Dream

For further details regarding adopting a dog from TeLuMa’s Dream, please email Olga, Jessica or Greta at telumasdream@gmail.com or visit our website www.telumasdream.co.uk. We are a Spanish voluntary organization which rescues primarily dogs from a public pound in Galicia, in Northern Spain, where the dogs instead of living, are trying to survive. 99% of the dogs are strays or have been abandoned by their owners on the street. The dogs are a variety of breeds and come in all shapes and sizes! We are funded entirely by donations and work hard in our free time to help rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible. With your help we can continue our work and provide food, bedding, medical supplies and care for the dogs until they are well enough to find their forever homes. All dogs rehomed via TeLuMa’s Dream are microchipped, fully vaccinated, wormed, deflead and spayed/neutered if old enough, if not the adoption contract will stipulate that this is done as soon as old enough and this will be checked with your vet. We re-home dogs to England and Wales and in some exceptions also to Scotland, if it’s specified like that on the dog’s description. Our aim is to pair each dog with the right new owner, ensuring that it will be safe, cared for and loved for the rest of its life. Therefore all potential adopters will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Also a homecheck is carried out and a video call to adoption. Please note that we never reserve dogs in advance of our full process having been carried out. We reserve all final decisions on compatible dogs until after the home visit, so please bear in mind that your application will be considered a general application for adoption until final confirmation has been given by both adopter and Teluma's Dream. We offer a full rescue back up service to all our adopters and post-adoption support, which includes a Facebook support group and free behavioral advice.
Please also be aware that all dogs who are adopted through TeLuMa’s Dream remain part of our extended family throughout their lifetime. We ask for regular updates during the settling in period following their adoption, and for an ongoing quarterly updates and follow ups after that for the duration of the dogs whole life. We are committed to our dogs and our forever families and this allows us to support you and your dog, but at the same time, knowing how the dogs are, receiving updates and keeping us informed is also the reward for all the efforts, time and costs that are involved in saving each dog. If you feel happy with this level of communication then we would be happy to hear from you.

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