Ralph – 4 year old male Belgian Shepherd Cross

Ralph is a 4 year old male Belgian Shepherd Cross. He is currently located in West Midlands. He is looking for a new home to call his own in a quieter area.

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Ralph is a loving boy who loves the people he can trust and enjoys lots of cuddles, he is amazing with children and loves to play hide and seek with them.

Ralph isn’t a fan of the heat and will often find somewhere cool to hide. He is very playful loves his chew toys and is very food orientated.

Ralph is an obedient boy and knows a lot of commands such as sit, stay, kiss and more, he can even say I love you!

Ralph can live with dog-savvy Children 8+ following sensible introductions. Ralph would prefer a dog-free home.

Ralph doesn’t like to share his space with other dogs and can become jealous, he has accepted visiting dogs after several meets but can be unpredictable.

Ralph cannot live with cats due to his high prey drive. Ralph can take time with new people, especially men but he will accept people very quickly after slow introductions and lots of treats. Ralph accepts a collar, harness and lead.

When walking he uses a harness and is always kept double led with his harness and a face piece for control while walking. He prefers his walks in quieter areas with fewer distractions.

In residential areas, he can pull on the lead and be reactive towards other dogs and cats. He can also bark at new people from a distance.

Ralph is toilet trained and has previously been crate trained. Ralph can be left alone for long periods with no issues.

Ralph sleeps well overnight and loves travelling in the car. He has not displayed any destructive behaviours.

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Pawprints to Freedom

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