Ralph is a 1 year old male Cross-Breed.

Ralph was rescued from Spain prior to travelling to Glasgow to his new family. Born 01/09/2022, neutered and all vaccinations up to date.

Lives in a house with 2 adults and a 14 year old with visits from 19 year old returning son! Ralph’s is friendly , loving and sociable dog that loves food, being petted and enjoys time playing with other dogs.

Ralph can still be anxious of very big dogs and very small ‘loud’ dogs. He sleeps in a crate in the kitchen – loves his bed. Always sleeps when anyone is ironing! Likes to watch TV.

He can be left in the house for up to 3 or 4 hours with no issues.

Ralph is Fully house trained He goes to “school” with a group of 5 dogs on to a closed field ‘play’ once a week – absolutely loves it, no issues and was able to tell another dog to stop in an appropriate way when he was being harassed by him.

He walks well on the lead, mostly heal to toe and is extremely obedient as has learnt sit, lie down, paw, in your bed, on the sofa etc. Work on his recall is going well – will come when called, bring the ball back and to continue play.

He likes rewards with chicken etc. He Loves to be recalled when playing with ball and in the house will always come to you on ‘Come here Ralph’.

We are Still working on this outside as he is very interested in smells of foxes, squirrels etc, using chicken – he is just a young dog in the big world.

Using long leads and off lead time to continue to develop this. Ralphy sits and waits in front of his food for the command to eat Loves, loves treats – any bought treats and any meat/fish.

Not as keen on vegetables but likes banana and apple. He likes any leftover cooked vegetables!

You can remove food, toys etc without issue and responds to ‘drop’ Ralph will let you check any part of his body and loves to be brushed and groomed.

Has built up his confidence in the vets, as he was very nervous – last visit vet commented “What a handsome, well behaved lovely boy – he loves his treats doesn’t he.”

The only issue poor Ralphy has is he guards the home and feels it’s his job to protect anyone trying to enter. Ralph does not cope well with visitors to the home. He barks extremely loudly and doesn’t not like anyone who comes to the door.

We need to put him in his bed and have him on a lead if any visitor comes to the house, his anxiousness remains high.

The strategy used is to ignore Ralph when anyone comes – carry on as if he is not there whilst removing him from the area and re-introducing after a few minutes. This in/out carries on until he is calm.

However, we can never be sure he is 100% calm. This is where he needs ongoing work with a trainer or a rescue savvy home.

He needs a quiet home and we think he would do best with another dog this would very much alleviate the guarding of the home. He also requires 5/6ft fencing in the garden.

We would prefer a home where he isn’t left alone for more than 3-4 hours.

If you are interested please send a message noting you home/family arrangements, note about your garden being safe, any other animals and working patterns.

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