Rascal – 3-5 year old male Bull Mastiff

Rascal is a 3-5 year old male Bull Mastiff. He was very barky and guarded for the first 4 days, now he knows us he wags his tail bum wiggling ears back inviting us into his kennel, still doing things a bit slower ‘re movements around him but he’s trusting us now. Will take treats lovely in his kennel but won’t take any on his walks, wants to go for walks but once walking he just seems a teeny bit weary of everything, not us, just the open air. I let him off his lead in the paddock for a minute or 2 he doesn’t realize he’s free then when he does.

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He heads for the gate and waits, won’t walk or I can’t entice him to come back to me off his lead so hook him back up and we walk in the field. He seems focus’d on just walking, not wanting to interact with you won’t take treats, just wants to walk and get back, back in kennel he’s a happy boy, loves being fussed I even got kisses off him today that made me happy met a female dog in paddock and nothing worried me with how he was but work in progress with that for a true assessment. I get the feeling he likes things done the same way all the time.

Maybe he feels secure that way meeting new people will have to be worked on but once he’s gained your trust my initial thoughts are a very sweet quiet shy boy who like consistency and routine anything new kinda makes him very gentle and wants to give his paw to you all the time when having a fuss. He’s a stunning boy also. Has lived with a female Bull Mastiff without issue and a child but we feel as he is a bit worried that he would be better with a child free home. Rascal has now had his castration which he is recovering from at the moment.

The Kennel staff and volunteers in Warrington say he is wonderful they all love him. He has met other dogs and got along well with them when out and about in the car although he travels well he can have a bark at cars if stuck at traffic lights, what a brave boy not so brave though when you open the door for him to get out he then becomes very meek and mild.

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