Beautiful 2 year old Akita. Rescued by us and now looking for a forever home. Since rescue she has really come out of her shell, she has a great personality and is full of energy. She loves human company, petting and attention. Must be the only pet in the household.

She needs a garden to roam free and will most likely need to be walked on a long lead. She’s independent and enjoys long walks. Comes with a bowl, food, bed, leads, toys etc. She’s been great to foster and it will be sad to let her go but I don’t have the space (currently living in flat) or the time she deserves. Get in touch for more information.

Loves walks, enjoys a dip in the sea and is great travelling in a car and poking her head out of the window to look for other dogs. Unfortunately she can not be around other dogs as does not get on with other animals because of her strong prey drive. Well behaved in pubs and obedient when there are no other pets around.

I am fostering Red, it was suppose to be for 9 days but it has turned into 13 weeks so far. I reluctantly have to find a forever home for her now as I live in a two bed flat and she needs more space and where I live only allows dogs to stay short term.

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