Reyes – 8 year old male German Shepherd Cross

Reyes is an 8 year old male German Shepherd Cross. When we go to Spain to help the dogs there is always one that really gets me and this trip was Reyes. Why? Unless you have worked here with the dogs its difficult to explain that is why the rescue got the name Starfish (look at the words) – its very overwhelming and never enough time, man power, the rescue we work with have over 120 dogs in their care and I never get the time to see them all, its not only seeing them but trying to assess them in different situations to see how they react, you cannot just go and see a dog at a kennels and correctly place him or her.

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Well Reyes one of the long term dogs was brought down to market day and instantly melted everyone’s heart – he is now 8 years old and came into rescue as a puppy with his siblings – he has never has his own family, never known what it is like to be the centre of someone world.

But Reyes is one of those rare dogs he has never let it break him – he has the most wonderful temperament, walks beautifully on the lead, a gentle loving dog, not interested in the other dogs around him, we even met cats – this boy never put a foot a wrong. The next day I visited the kennels where he lives, just lying there he has accepted his fate that this is it, this is life he has never known any difference. I know we cannot help them all but I really feel confident we can help this boy – he is one of the special dogs – he needs an equally special person.

Reyes is a special boy all those videos of above shows what a special boy he is – so calm, sweet natured – he has not been exposed to anything like that for years yet took it all in his stride – we have helped many dogs like Reyes in the past – special dogs – he is not going to be complicated – just will need time to adjust.

But I think he will take it all in his stride – meeting other dogs he was just not interested if anything he tried to avoid them he was just soaking up the attention and the love everyone was showing him – I think it would be lovely for him to be an only dog – to be the centre of someone’s world – I think what he will give back will be amazing – I feel he is one of the those once in life time dogs – such a bloody shame so many years have been wasted.

So the perfect home – an only dog not because he is a problem but he shows complete disinterest and he deserves to be the only Prince– an experienced home who will him adjust but like I said so laid back it will not take long.

This boy does not have a bad bone in his body but would still not home him with children as its not something he has experienced and not worth the risk on either side but I am sure he would be fine with visiting grand children etc you only have to watch the videos to see that.

Reyes is neutered, vaccinated and will have his own Pet Passport – if you feel you could be right match for this lovely boy please email us for our questionnaire.

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