Rider – 4 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Rider is a 4 month old male German Shepherd cross.

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When a heavily pregnant Shepherd cross was brought into the shelter after being found as a stray we knew it was only days before she gave birth to a litter of puppies.

Being born in the shelter isn’t the beginning you hope for for any dogs, but it’s better than being born on the street. A couple of days later, she gave birth to five gorgeous puppies, Rufus, Ringo, Rider, Riley and Ruby.

Rider is a handsome little gent and after the initial overexcitement of a new person arriving to fuss over everyone, he will politely take himself to the side and wait his turn to be cuddled.

The way he sits and holds himself, you can just tell that he is going to be such a beautiful adult dog, and he’s very keen to please. He’s already finding the summer temperatures to be quite challenging and is a shade seeker, so he’s going to love the relief the UK weather brings!

All of the puppies are quite confident and having their mother to watch over them has really helped in their first few months. She is patient and gentle, but when she’s had enough she’s not afraid to tell them off and they’ve therefore learned to read body language better and to respect the space and boundaries of other dogs.

They’re still only babies, so they have a lot more learning to do, but they’ve had good foundations laid by mum!

The pups get so excited when people visit the shelter and are always eagerly waiting by the bars of their kennel for a stroke. Their little tails wag like crazy and they’re relatively quick to trust new people. They’re sociable dogs and all of them are very clever, so they will definitely pick up training quickly.

They are adaptable and keen to investigate new things, so as long as their socialisation is continued in their forever homes we have high hopes that all the pups will grow into balanced and resilient young dogs.

Rider has not been tested with cats, and he has not had the opportunity to spend time with young children. We think that children aged 8+ would be suitable for him, as long as the kids in question are comfortable around larger sized dogs.

Based on the size of mum, we think the pups will be medium-large as adults, and considering his breed mix, Rider is looking for a moderately active lifestyle. Shepherds are switched on and need plenty of mental and physical stimulation, so an outdoorsy family would be perfect for him.

Rider could manage a home outside of the city but would prefer a home with access to a garden. It’s important to note that he’s never lived in a home before so it will be a huge change for him and his new family will need to be patient and understanding as he adjusts.

With time though, Rider will form strong bonds with his new family and being a Shepherd, we’re certain his loyalty will be unrelenting.

Rider is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

  • How big? Medium-Large as adult
  • How old? Puppy (around four months)
  • Male or female? Male
  • Living with kids? I can live with children (8+)
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other dogs
  • Resident dog required? No
  • Living with cats? I’ve not been tested with cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like an active home
  • Where am I from? Cyprus
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