Ritchie is a one-year-old Spaniel cross who was rescued as a puppy when he was just a few weeks old, battling the parvovirus. Despite the initial challenges, Ritchie has made a remarkable recovery and now exudes affection towards everyone he encounters.

This resilient pup harbors a particular fondness for food, making him a keen candidate for effective training.

In terms of his social dynamics, Ritchie exhibits a versatile nature. He enjoys the company of other dogs, suggesting he could thrive in a multi-dog household.

On the other hand, Ritchie would equally be content as the sole canine companion, embracing the undivided attention and love of his human family.

His adaptable nature and positive interactions with fellow dogs make him an ideal candidate for a variety of living situations.

Ritchie has undergone a thorough blood test, yielding negative results, ensuring his current good health.

He is currently residing in a foster home in Southern Spain, demonstrating his readiness to embark on a journey to the UK for his forever home.

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Operation Great Escape (OGE)
Operation Great Escape (OGE)

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