Rocky, a 3-year-old male lurcher needs a new home @ LURCHER LINK RESCUE

Rocky is of tall, slender build – he’s 25kg and about 26-27″ to the shoulder.

Rocky has come to us because his owner was made homeless. Rocky’s previous owners state that he loves cuddles and has been taught some commands : “sit”, “wait”, “go play”, “smile”, “turn around”.

Rocky has been brought up in a home and is finding it really hard in kennels – he spent the first 3 days barking and whining non-stop, he was so distressed.

He has calmed a little now, but we feel that he could be prone to separation anxiety and he will need someone around for much of the time (at least at first); with patient kind owners who will build up slowly the amount of time he is left.

For this reason we also think Rocky would benefit from living with an older, steady female dog, to help him settle.

Rocky is mostly fine with other dogs once he gets to know them but does not like “in-your-face” off-lead dogs running up to him.

Rocky is strong on the lead and would benefit from further training to learn to walk nicely.

NOT suitable to live with cats.

Older children only (Rocky has no experience of young children so it would not be fair to expect him to live with them now)

We feel that once Rocky’s in a home of his own, he’ll settle down and with a routine, and will be a really nice companion for somebody.

Rocky is neutered.

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