Rolo – 2 year old male Collie

Rolo is a 2 year old male Collie. He is a gorgeous, young boy with a long, soft black and white coat of medium build. He was rescued as a puppy and adopted by a family who didn’t understand the requirements of a Collie. As a result, he was surrendered to our rescue a few months ago because he was a stressed dog and they didn’t have time for him.

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Rolo needs active outdoorsy owners, living in a rural area, who are experienced dog owners and, ideally, familiar with Collies. Most of all, someone who can commit to giving him all the exercise, training and mental and physical stimulation he requires and especially lots of time, patience and love. He would be fantastic for agility or obedience. No cats and another dog would be favourable for him to play with. Children over 12 years we recommend.

Rolo is a classic Collie: incredibly energetic, super intelligent, very affectionate with people, very playful and obedient.

Foster Report: Rolo was initially very stressed, and as a result he went for our dogs a couple of times, but after a few weeks he gradually relaxed and now they all get along well. They all eat together without problems. He is sociable when he meets dogs during walks, but if he is stressed he can act up, so he needs time to settle in and proper introductions with other dogs.

He chases cats and is interested in birds too. He is pure energy, he doesn’t seem to need to rest! He would love a big garden and other active dogs to run around and play with. He also loves balls and toys. He loves walks and can pull on the lead when excited, but when he relaxes, he doesn’t pull.

With people, he’s a 10 out of 10: very eager to please, very intelligent, a very fast-learner, obedient and loving. He is not shy or wary with people at all, he is very affectionate with everybody. He always rolls on his back to ask for belly rubs! He is well-behaved at home, he is fully house-trained and can be left alone for short periods. The worst he has done is stealing a toilet roll!

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