Rolo is a 4 year old male Dachshund. He is on the hunt for a very special home. This gorgeous boy can find lots of things in the big wide world quite stressful and is looking for an understanding family who can be patient with him while he settles in.

Rolo can be quite ‘typical’ of the dachshund breed when he finds things overwhelming, usually ending with him being quite vocal. This can be in the home as well as on walks.

Due to his nervous disposition, Rolo would like to live in a quiet, adult-only home with few visitors. He can find meeting new people quite difficult, hence living in a home with few visitors, but this also means his new family will need to meet him on numerous occasions before he can come home.

Rolo has lived in a home before where he was able to be left for short periods and was house-trained but did have some difficulties, particularly with loud noises.

To ensure Rolo settles into his new environment well, we would like to do some home visits as part of his adoption procedure to make sure he is set up to be successful in the future.

Rolo will also need to be the only pet in the home. Rolo can also be reactive to other pets and people when out and about, so access to quieter walks is essential.

This is not to say he doesn’t love going for walks, just not in busy places. He would prefer to walk in the countryside where he can explore in peace.

Rolo does travel well in the car so new adopters may wish to consider driving him to quieter environments.

Once Rolo has gotten to know you, you see his awesome personality. This handsome boy is clever and cheeky and is always making us smile. Although a worrier around people initially, once he has gotten to know you, you are his friend forever.

Rolo loves playing, learning and being out for walks. Rolo is super enthusiastic when it comes to his lead and harness, but again, being typical of the breed, we only see this excitement when it’s not raining!

Rolo loves being up on the sofa with us and makes for a fantastic snuggle buddy. Rolo will be a project pet and requires lots of patients, particularly when he is reacting to something.

We would encourage potential adopters to think about the commitment this brilliant boy requires to be happy and content in his new world.

Rolo has been in a couple of homes before, so his next home must be forever. Dachshund experience would also be beneficial.

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