Roman – 1-2 year old male Bulldog

Roman is a 5-6 year old male Cross-Breed. Roman has come along well in his foster home, Roman will need a home that understands Bulldog traits, he will not be homed with children and cannot live with a cats, 99% Roman is a fantastic dog but then he has an obsessive part of his nature which needs to be kept in check, to start within the foster home he could be obsessive over the strangest of things like a glass bottle things that are not his, something that squeaks can also heighten this behaviour. Roman knows how to leave things and even when excited would leave things when told, this is beginning to happen now with things he becomes obsessive with and he is becoming less insecure all of the time, with continued training Roman will be a great lad, well he is already apart from the 1% of time.

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A lot of training has been put into Roman in the past and his foster home has also put in many hours of training with him, any prospective owners will be expected to have in depth conversation with rescue and foster home and keep up the training and work the foster is putting into Roman at the moment, he is a dog that will need your time, patience and consistency. Roman loves going out and does need a good level of exercise daily, he is fantastic in the car and is happy to wear a car harness, he will go into a crate at night to sleep. Human visitors are given a warm, bouncy welcome. Possibly an only dog to start with but with continued training then another dog in about six months could be ideal for him. Roman is house trained and asks to go out when he needs to go, he can be a bit of a messy eater.

Roman joined us a week ago, he came in because we were told he had really bad resource issues. In the past week we have not seen this in the kennels so one of our experienced foster homes has offered to foster him to see if these issues arise in a home environment, if so they will work with him on this. In the past week Roman has been a great boy at the kennels and has been a fun loving lad, we hope this behaviour continues in a home environment. We will keep you updated to the foster homes findings. Roman is under 2 years of age. We will be looking for homes at the moment that would work with resource issues once we find what it is that triggers it.

We are told Roman is Old English Bulldog and that is what is on all his paperwork.

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