Rosie – 5 year old female Dogue de Bordeaux

Hi all, my name is Rosie. I’m 5 years old. I’m a Dogue de Bordeaux (French mastiff). Back in March a lovely lady took me from my cruel so -called owner(to be honest he didn’t want me. I don’t know why.) He didn’t look after me properly, didnt feed me like I should be fed but this lady saved my life. She took me back to her home but I didnt like her small dogs. She was kind,made me chicken, made me a lovely warm bed but she couldnt keep me. She phoned LBDR and within an hr Julie and Craig walked into the house. Julie sat on the floor with me and tickled my belly. I dont know why they had tears in their eyes but i knew i was going to be safe ,loved and looked after.

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We drove back to the Mills’s house. It was dark outside and it was late but I knew I’d be fine. When I got back to the house I had a little amount of food and water. I had a cuddle from them all. Now I know why Julie and Craig was upset when I met them because the 1st image is me. Yep a skin and bone little girl. I had many tests done with the vets. They checked my organs,my hips and guess what I was okay. There was some issues that I dont understand but I came better. Julie ,craig and Leah fed me small amount 3 times a day. Lbdr sent food and anything I needed. A big yellow box came 1 day and I didnt understand them. They were nice but I never had any in the past so I didnt understand what they were.

What i did learn though is that these things called toys arent scary at all. Actually they’re fun. Every day I experienced something new and if I was nervous the Mills reasured me that everything was okay and they were right by my side. Well that was 8 months ago and juls is in love with me. Everyday we still have fun. I feel more happy and content now. I dont like cats. I want to chase them. I dont like dogs but the dogs thats next to me in the kennel are okay but i dont want to be with other dogs. So now I’ve been spayed and all my injections, I’m confidant and happy I need to find my home. With a family that will love me. Its easy to fall in love with me. I’m a sweet girl and i will love u with all i have. So can you please share my post for people to read my journey and help me find my home. Thank you everyone.

UPDATE 14/08/17: Rosie is now fit healthy and ready for her forever home, this is the time every foster home longs for but also hates as each dog will take some of their heart with them, but they know they have got the dog to where it needs to be and now is the time for the next leg of their journey to happiness and belonging , without the foster home Rosie would never have had this chance we thank the Mills family for everything they have done for Rosie, bringing her from the brink of death to a fit, healthy, happy confident girl without foster homes like this these dogs do not stand a chance This is what the foster has to say about Rosie Well what can i say. Rosie and the Mills’s has been on a beautiful journey together where there has been tears of sadness by the state of this gorgeous girl but mostly laughs. We have been saddened by her past, happy for her future and laughed every single day, proud of Rosie Roo through and through, worried and all of the emotions u can ever think of. This little girl has come so so far with all her determination to live. I am so so proud of her. Now every journey must come to an end and sadly our journey is nearing the end.

Rosie is 64kl in weight. A healthy happy little girl. She has had all injections, spayed. So now we are looking for Rosie’s forever family. Rosie has to be the only dog, no cats, 12+ aged children. She will repay u tenfold with all her heart and goofiness. This girl deserves the best. If u can offer Rosie the best can u contact Large Breed Dog Rescue and apply.

Large Breed Dog Rescue Kent
Large Breed Dog Rescue Kent

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