Rosie – 2 year old female Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Rosie is a 2 year old female Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Our foster home reports that she finds it hard to remember fostering a more loving affectionate devoted dog. She can be left for a period of time but is always within distance when at home. Rosie also loves Jack, her foster brother. She chooses to sleep with him. She has perfect recall. Comes back first time every time. On meeting new dogs she gets called back until she is feeling secure a few minutes later. She then gives herself a shake and feels fine. She would like to follow Jack her friend but does keep coming back to her foster mum for comfort.

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She met a horse and was very excited and shakey for a minute. Rider stopped and chatted. Then Rosie felt better. She would need more horse socialising. She has not been allowed on the sofa in foster. She would love to though. In her previous home she had had a fight with her sibling sister coming up to her season.

She will require a confident owner as she will push her luck. And although off lead a lot can be strong on the lead. It’s nice to see the trust she has built up in both her guardian and brother Jack. Needs more training in walking. She is a good traveler.

More info is available. The Alapaha is still a fairly rare breed in the UK but Bulldog experience would be good. Must just add she is a bit of a gannet.

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