Rosie – 4 month old female Hound Cross

Rosie is a 4 month old female Hound Cross. Rosie and Rubi are two sisters who were found abandoned in Cyprus.

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They were terrified and it took a while to coax them to safety but thankfully, they’re now being cared for in a foster home whilst they patiently wait for their forever families to find them. We are looking for separate homes for the girls, they don’t need to be adopted together.

Rosie and Rubi are hound pups and will grow into medium-sized adults, possibly around the size of Labradors when fully grown.

At the moment they’re at their slightly uncoordinated stage, where they’re navigating the size of their paws and growing into their enormous ears. When they get zoomies and bounce about in the garden they are hilarious to watch.

They are learning how to play with toys and love carrying a tennis ball around proudly, showing it off to everyone! They’re also great in the car and travel quite happily.

The girls have had some exposure to cats and although they are curious and excitable around them, if the cat stands their ground they will shy away.

They could therefore be rehomed with confident cats, but probably would think it was a game if a more nervous cat ran out in front of them.

There’s not an ounce of aggression in either of them but they’re typical goofy pups, and their size might be a little intimidating to a resident feline.

Rosie and Rubi are looking for separate homes but both of them would be happier adopted alongside other dogs. Their rough beginning has left them feeling a little anxious, so they take time to warm up to new people and aren’t immediately trusting of strangers.

Rubi is the shyer pup of the two, so she would definitely be better placed with a resident dog. This will help improve her confidence and help her to come out of her shell in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Other dogs can provide reassurance and familiarity to nervous pups that humans aren’t able to. Rosie and Rubi have been on day trips out to the beach and love playing in the shallow water and digging in the sand and pebbles.

They enjoy being outside and will be quite active dogs as adults, so would prefer families that like to be out and about. They’re also looking for semi-rural homes with access to a garden.

They would be very overwhelmed in an urban setting so we’re looking for calm areas for them to call home. The girls haven’t had much exposure to children so we’re looking for homes with kids aged 8+ so as not to overwhelm them.

Rosie and Rubi are currently based in Cyprus and have a clean bill of health. They are ready to travel once they have homes to go to.

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