Roxie is a delightful almost 4-year-old female cross-breed dog currently being fostered in the UK, specifically by Keith Scotland.

She has shown remarkable adaptability during her journey to her foster home, indicating she travels well. Roxie is lead and harness trained, making walks a joy for both her and her owner.

Moreover, she’s already toilet trained, easing the transition into any new home environment.

Regarding her interactions with other pets, Roxie is described as “dog savvy” with cats, implying she can coexist peacefully with feline companions.

However, she’s not suitable for living with other dogs, as she exhibits reactivity towards them during walks. Therefore, it’s essential for Roxie to be the sole dog in her new home.

Additionally, she’s deemed suitable for households with older children aged 15 and above.

Despite her minor reactivity issue with other dogs, Roxie is affectionate and enjoys spending time with her human family, including cuddles and learning new commands.

A secure garden would be ideal for her to exercise and play freely.

To ensure her safety during walks, it’s recommended to use a no-escape harness.

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