Ruby – 3 year old female Labrador Retriever Cross

Ruby is a three year old female Labrador Retriever cross.

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Despite her mixed breed, her personality shines through as a delightful mix of affection and intelligence. Her journey has been marked by challenges, having faced a troubled beginning, which has left her somewhat timid around new faces.

Upon encountering strangers, Ruby tends to express her apprehension through barking, a behaviour born from her innate sense of caution. However, with patience and repeated interactions, she gradually warms up, revealing her tender, loving nature.

In search of a forever home, Ruby seeks solace in a serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. She yearns for a tranquil adult-only abode, where she can find solace and security.

Ruby’s ideal companions are individuals who exude calmness and confidence, particularly with larger canine companions like herself. These caring souls will serve as her guiding lights, nurturing her and helping her build the confidence she so dearly craves.

In terms of lifestyle, Ruby thrives in an environment where someone is present throughout the day, offering her the reassurance of constant company. A secure garden provides her with the freedom to explore and stretch her legs, ensuring her safety while she indulges in her outdoor escapades.

While she can thrive as the sole canine resident, she may also consider sharing her space with another dog of similar stature and temperament, provided they exude the same sense of calm confidence.

As for her compatibility with feline friends, Ruby’s interactions with cats remain uncharted territory, leaving her potential to coexist with them a mystery. However, her inherent kindness and gentle disposition suggest that with proper introductions and supervision, she may forge harmonious relationships with her feline counterparts.

Currently residing in Chippenham under foster care, Ruby eagerly awaits the day she can shower her boundless affection upon her forever family. With a heart overflowing with love, she yearns to find her perfect match and embark on a journey of mutual companionship and adoration.

Leash of Life Wiltshire
Leash of Life Wiltshire

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