Rudolph is a charming 2-year-old male dog, and although we are not entirely certain of his breed, our vet suggests he is a delightful cross between a spaniel and a Spanish Water Dog.

This handsome boy is not only visually stunning but also exudes a joyful personality. Rudolph has been well-socialized with humans, displaying friendliness and a penchant for snuggling up on the sofa.

In terms of compatibility, Rudolph gets along seamlessly with other dogs and has successfully passed his cat test, demonstrating his gentle and non-intrusive nature around feline companions.

He is an energetic playmate, making him an ideal addition to an active family that enjoys outdoor activities.

Currently seeking a new home and family in the U.K., Rudolph has a few requirements for his perfect abode. A secure walled, fenced, or hedged back garden is essential to ensure his safety and well-being.

Additionally, Rudolph thrives in an environment where the family is not absent for extended periods, craving companionship and interaction.

Rudolph will be neutered before adoption, and all necessary veterinary care, including vaccinations, worming, flea and tick treatment, and microchipping, has been diligently provided. The adoption fee covers these essential medical procedures.

It’s worth noting that adopters are responsible for pet transport, which typically includes a two-day journey from Spain to the U.K., facilitated by a fully licensed, insured, and DEFRA-regulated service.

This transport covers a passport, health certificate, Rabies vaccination, import tax on rescue dogs, and customs charges.

Rudolph is poised to become a wonderful family pet, contributing to the completeness of a loving household. If you’re ready to welcome Rudolph into your family, don’t let him wait any longer. He is eagerly anticipating finding his forever home.

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Rutherglen Rescue Glasgow

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