Meet RUSA (means “Blondy”), a joyful beautiful Cross-Breed puppy girl just over 6 months old. She’s small and almost reached her adult size, may grow just 2-3 cm more, still remaining small.

RUSA is a Ukraine war dog in need of a safe haven. Give HER a chance at a new life. She will be arriving in the UK on 21st June and is available for a foster-to-adopt

RUSA and her six siblings were rescued from certain death just before Christmas. A soulless person threw out seven puppies, only a few weeks old, during the harsh winter, in a field close to a motorway, in a cardboard box under a bush. The puppies left the box and were roaming around.

One was spotted in the car lights of a kind person driving by in the evening. After some searching, all seven crying puppies were found. It was a miracle they survived, likely having been abandoned only a few hours before, as in frosty conditions with no food, they wouldn’t have survived the night.

RUSA and her siblings have changed a few fosters, and this is what her recent foster says about her: “RUSA is such a nice and sweet girl! She loves every human from the first look. Very trustful and affectionate. She adores cuddles and strokes from humans, loves to kiss everyone.

At the same time, she is not sticky or too demanding. She accepts when you are busy and will happily play with her siblings or with toys or chew her favorite natural treats, hooves. Despite her small size, she can jump really high from a standing position.

She easily jumps on a table 85 cm high, so future owners will need to work on this and not leave food on the table until RUSA is trained (Paw Help will provide training tips). But this little thing can’t overshadow RUSA’s dozens of benefits.

She is cheerful, cute, affectionate, well-balanced, not barky, has no resource guarding, no phobias, no mess, and is even housetrained. RUSA is playful and friendly with all other puppies without being bossy.”

RUSA will thrive in a loving home where she can be a close companion, enjoying both playtime and affectionate moments. Her ideal family should be patient and have enough time to continue her training and socialisation.

While she is great with other dogs, her playful nature suggests she might be better suited for families with children aged 8 and older. A family that enjoys both active play and quiet cuddles would be perfect for RUSA.

RUSA is fully healthy. RUSA is not spayed due to her early age (neutering agreement applies). She has all core vaccines done, is microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before the trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate).

SIZE: Small (33 cm shoulder height / 7 kilos)
SPAYED/NEUTERED: No, due to early age (neutering agreement applies)
CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Affectionate, Trustful, Playful
DOGS: Friendly with
CATS: Not tested
CHILDREN: Suitable for families with children aged 8+ due to her playful nature

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