Ryan is a 4 month old male Cross-Breed. Shaun, Ryan, Tanner and Anya were born in a garden to a stray mother just a few kilometres from one of the shelters we help in Bosnia. The people living there reached out and asked for help, and thankfully there was room for the litter to be taken into safety.

Shaun, Ryan and Tanner are all male, whilst Anya is female. They are all around four months old now and suspected to grow to be medium sized adults. Now that the puppies are fully vaccinated they have just started to venture out on walks and meet other dogs outside of their litter.

They’re finding everything very exciting, and are taking everything in their stride despite their young age. They have met young children and got so excited to play with them, so we think they would be great additions for families with kids who are looking to adopt a rescue pup. Of course, lots of hard work will be involved in raising them, but they’re very friendly, sociable, fun loving and trusting, so already have great foundations for becoming good companion dogs.

The pups are likely to be longer haired breeds as adults, so their coats may need some attention and grooming from time to time. As their puppy fluff sheds, they will get their adult coats in the next few months. We’re feel that this litter could be rehomed on the outskirts of the city, but would prefer direct access to a small garden.

They’re not demanding in their needs for exercise at this age but they are likely to be a mix of Bosnian Shepherd breeds, and they require plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They make fantastic companions and are very loving, playful and curious, so it would be wonderful for them to join a family who enjoy the outdoors and can introduce them to the excitement of adventures! Shaun, Ryan, Tanner and Anya are currently in Bosnia and have a clean bill of health. They are ready to travel once they find their forever homes.

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