Sammie – 12-13 year old male Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier

Sammie is a 12-13 year old male Chihuahua cross Jack Russell Terrier. He is in a foster home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire while he waits for the perfect permanent home.

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Sammie wants to have someone with him most of the time. His foster carer has to leave him for up to an hour sometimes but he’s not happy about it and protests. Time spent alone can be built up gradually but he will always prefer the safety of the human company.

Sammie shares his foster home with a resident dog and gets along with them just fine and he’s friendly with all other dogs he meets on walks. He’d be happy in a multi-dog household or as an only pet Sammie has a typical Terrier prey drive and no cat would want to live with him!

Sammie is sensitive to noise and is easily unsettled. He would not suit small children as, when he panics and feels defensive, he sometimes airs snaps. Teenagers who respect his space might be OK for him. Sammie has only had one car journey since being in foster.

Sammie was in a crate, facing forwards so he could see his foster carer. He took it in his dinky stride. Searching in the garden for “critters” – mice, squirrels, pigeons, foxes, rats, hedgehogs, etc.

Sammie will squeeze into any nook or cranny, under fences, through holes in fences, behind sheds, and between bins. EVERY part of the garden must be secure! It is dog-proof and then there is Sammie-proof – the two are not the same.

Sammie is driven by his DNA to seek and chase and will find escape routes you never knew existed. He also likes to give his humans the run-around and finds it SUCH FUN to have them running around the garden after him.

If you want him to come back inside, don’t chase him whatever happens! Sudden loud noises like fireworks or thunder.

Letting him out regularly helps things and his foster carers put him in a crate when they have to leave him. Having another dog in the house should help him feel at ease but it’s human company and routine that he needs most.

Sammie wants to be able to sleep in his owner’s bedroom. He’s content to sleep through the night in his bed, out of the way, but he does want to know you’re still there. Sammie underwent a dental recently and 7 teeth were removed.

Sammie only has around 2 or 3 left. He has to have a soft diet for life (currently pouches of Royal Canin Urinary s/o for senior dogs aged 7+). This special diet is also to combat stones which were found in his urine during a routine check which will need monitoring.

Sammie might need to stay on this type of food. Not that he’s complaining! He loves any food and needs owners who can firmly say no titbits as he’s prone to putting on weight. You must resist those big, pleading eyes!

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The Oldies Club

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