Sandy – 6 year old female Cockapoo

Sandy is a 6 year old Cockapoo bitch being fostered in Gloucestershire with other dogs in an adult home.

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Weighs approx. 7.4 kilos.

Sandy came into our care with her daughter after her owners became too poor to look after them.

We were told the girls were not bonded and very different dogs, that Sandy was more independent and wanted a quiet life whereas her daughter was the more outgoing one.

You can see how worried Sandy was that first day

When they first came in

When they first came in our findings were different and they seemed to cling to each other but as the weeks have gone on we now can see two very different dogs with different needs in the way of homes and that is why we have made that decision to split them.

After Sandy was spayed she was very needy with her daughter then but it was short-lived once she started recovering and Teddy started feeling more confident and happy.

Sandy really does like a quiet life and living with 3 other dogs she finds too much and will take herself off, she will often growl and snap at the other dogs if they disturb her peace and because of this, her foster carer has set up a crate behind the sofa for her to have a safe space.

She does not even want her daughter near at these times.

She is a very friendly dog with people she knows and very loving. She travels fine and is good with other dogs out on walks.

Out for walks meeting new dogs

We have not let her off the lead yet due to her being recently spayed but we cannot see it being a problem, she does pull on her lead though.

We know she can live with cats as she was brought up in a multi-cat household in her previous home.

Sandy is going to suit a person or adult couple with a quiet home, she is quite barky with new visitors to the home but will settle down. She can be a bit possessive over toys and gets a bit growly but that is all it is and with the other dogs.

She has been left for a short period and is initially a bit barky but soon settles. She is clean in the home and settles at night with no problems.

I think Sandy has had a very unsettled period in her life with her owners being poorly and having to live with relations and then coming to us, she shook in fear when she was first left here and was so worried.

She is still worried and that is why we think a quiet home with one or two people with not too many visitors, someone who has had rescue dogs before would be perfect for her and as an only dog.

Sandy has now been spayed, and chipped, started her vaccinations and has received treatment for an ear infection, flea/wormed.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire
Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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