Sasha is a four year old female Cross-Breed. She is a small to medium sized Cross-Breed fostered Norwich Norfolk. Sasha arrived into our care recently as from the Botosani public shelter in Romania. She was the boldest of your sisters that have been in there pretty much all their lives and never been touched by humans. As the list confident of the siblings we figured she would be the easiest and quickest to rehabilitate and rehome making room for another of the sisters to then come.

On arrival Sasha was very edgy and suspicious and my first contact with her was when I was bending down to get another dog on the lead and she ran up behind me and nipped me on the bum! The following day in a similar incident she nipped me on the back of the leg. These were ninja stealth style “attacks” where she ran nipped and ran off just as fast as I think she thought I was hurting the dog I was getting on lead as it wasn’t something she’d witnessed before and she’d assumed the role of protecting her sisters in the shelter. So it was pretty imperative I made friends with the little hooligan so that she would understand I was a friend to them all not a foe.

Fortunately Sasha is a very intelligent little critter and this happened far quicker than anticipated. Lead training was achieved in just two walks and her naturally enquisitive nature benefitted hugely from finally experiencing the world of nature. Ironically when I got a head on her she submitted instantly and made no attempt at all to nip me. In the evenings I put her in a lead and sit her on the sofa with me and within minutes she relaxes and falls asleep, not even jumping off when the lead is removed.

Sasha is very capable of loving a human or humans. The initial suspicion of new people is understandably still there but with me she now follows me everywhere and is pleased to see me after I’ve been out or when we get up in the mornings. She’s definitely happy to be around me and enjoys a fuss but will still not approach to ask for one.

Sasha will still need an experienced and patient adopter but her learning curve will continue over weeks and months and there’s no reason she cannot do that in her forever home. This dog has been a joy to work with and her intellect can carry her forward to any level in life. Ideally she would have another dog as a companion but we are more interested in the attitude of the humans concerned.

In this case love, understanding and patience is the most important requirement for this very special dog. Adult home only please.

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