(Rehomed) Sausage – 7 month old female German Short-Haired Pointer Cross

Sausage is a 7 month old female German Short-Haired Pointer Cross. She is gorgeous, fun, loving and very intelligent. Sausage is quite small still, about 12kg, and her mom was small, but her brothers are much bigger.

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Sausage is, in one way, a typical puppy – she’s mischievous and has her nose in everything, but what stands her apart from other puppies and dogs I have had (and I’ve had a lot!) is just how smart she is.

Sausage is by far the smartest dog I’ve ever met. You only have to tell her “no” once, and she stops, She doesn’t go back and try again, she just stops and walks away.

Sausage does particularly love dish sponges though, and will steal one if she can!! She is extremely quick to pick up new commands – sit, down, recall, bed, all nearly mastered in the week I’ve had her. “Down” was taught on the third request!

Sausage is quick to get into a routine, I go to bed early, and she knows at 8 pm, we all go upstairs and at that point, she lays and sleeps until the morning, which is incredible for a pup!

Even with that amazing package, she is also very loving and affectionate – she loves to be touching you and adores snuggling up to you when it’s rest time (day or night).

Sausage takes great comfort from the human touch and seeks it out when she wants to sleep, so if you also want a snuggle buddy, she’s the girl for you. Sausage loves her toys and walks, she’s fine on the lead, doesn’t pull but can veer a little, as puppies do!

Sausage is very nearly toilet trained, but she does need reminding at times by being put outside regularly, A little reminder of “weewee” when outside very often just prompts her to squat!

Sausage needs a canine companion or two, She loves to play and run around with my other dogs, so she’ll need to go to an owner who has a dog or dogs already.

Sausage will learn from them very quickly and you can see her watching and actively following their lead. Sausage is unfazed by cats (I have 3), will sit with mine nicely, and loves my 12-year-old daughter.

Sausage gets a little nervous in the car, but I put that down to her long journey here from Spain, and she is starting to learn that the car takes her to nice things! She takes food very gently with her lips (not teeth) when given treats, but loves her dinner time and eats her dinner fast.

Sausage knows not to go to the other dogs when they’re eating their food. Sausage would enjoy an active life and she’d be brilliant with additional activities to use her brain (it would be a waste not to!).

We haven’t done loads when we have had her, and she’s perfectly content with being in the house or office and going with the flow too. All in all, she’s an amazing dog, and she’ll bring a lot of joy and satisfaction to her owner.

The Fairy Dog Fosterers
The Fairy Dog Fosterers

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