Shara is a 6-year-old female Shar-Pei cross Labrador, born on 05.10.2017. She has been on the search for a loving home for over 2 and a half years now. Shara is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and tested, making her ready for a new chapter in her life.

She can thrive as an only dog or in the company of other dogs, showcasing a low-maintenance personality with an independent spirit. Shara enjoys moments of tranquility, cherishing her chill time, and loves leisurely walks.

A home without very young children or dogs would be ideal, as she appreciates not being bothered too much. Shara walks well on the lead, although her strength might require a physically able family.

Having spent two years in a kennel, Shara is longing for a calm household in a rural or semi-rural area. Despite her time in kennels, she exhibits a gentle demeanor, suggesting that she might have been someone’s pet before.

Shara craves affection and attention, making her a sweet and loving companion.

She can coexist with gentle dogs and is suitable for experienced dog owners. Shara can also adapt to a home with older children.

Although she hasn’t engaged in dog fights during her time in the kennels, she does express her preference for personal space, often telling off others if they encroach on it. A calm household in a rural or semi-rural setting would be an ideal match for Shara.

If you are interested in providing Shara with a loving home, please contact us for more details. Let’s make a positive change in Shara’s life, offering her the warmth and care she deserves.

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Strays Without Borders

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