Sheba is a 1 year old Rough Collie. She is a sensitive girl who takes time to trust her handler. Once she is confident, she is affectionate, bouncy and bubbly but remains fearful of new people and environments.

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She is looking for a very stable rural home where ideally there is only two adults and not many comings and goings.

She would also benifit from living with another dog that is sociable and has a happy go lucky personality to help her cope in scarey situations.

Unfortunatly due to no previous history of living with children and her sensitive nature Sheba can not live with children and idealy there would be no visiting children to the home.

Sheba’s new owners need to have had experience of owning dogs before and knowledge of collie breeds would be a great advantage, an interest in training and some experience of dealing with nervous dogs would also be beneficial. She needs a very active home with owners that have time to meet both her physical and mental needs.

Sheba can not be left for long periods of time, 1-2 hours maximum in any one day.

Sheba will be a very rewarding companion and once settled will keep you entertained with her puppy like antics and playful nature.

To adopt Sheba please contact The Blue Cross in Tiverton on 01884 855 291 or email

Blue Cross
Blue Cross

The Blue Cross is Britain's pet charity, providing practical support, information and advice for pet and horse owners. Through its network of animal adoption centres it rehomes thousands of animals each year. Its hospitals provide veterinary care for pets of people who cannot afford private vets' fees.

See the dogs individual posts for contact details of each dog/main branch. For further details regarding adopting a dog from The Blue Cross Foster Scheme Scotland, please telephone 0300 456 8500.

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