Sidra – 4 year old female Spanish Mastin

Sidra is a beautiful, big 4 year old female Spanish Mastin with a short cream coat and black masked face. She was adopted and arrived in the UK (South Devon) in the summer of 2018. She now needs to be rehomed because her main carer is not fit to take care of her anymore. Originally, she had been found abandoned and taken to a pound in the North of Spain a few months before coming to the UK.

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We are looking for a home with perhaps just her and owners that are experienced with handling larger dogs and no children. She can live with another friendly dog. Sidra is a very loving dog that loves cuddles and has been a great companion for the dog she lives with, although she is protective of him. She is also very maternal towards puppies. She is affectionate, calm, and good behaved at home, obedient and a great guardian of her house.

Foster Report: She is very loyal and very affectionate, always lying at our feet. She is active and is easily excited, she loves to run, but can be a little boisterous if not reigned in. Sidra normally plays well with most dogs off the lead, but she is dominant, and she is very protective of the dog she lives with, so when another dog wants to play with him she will display hostility towards it.

She is timid of anybody she does not know at first and will bark (only bark) at people to stay away. Sidra’s bark/growl is enough to scare anyone who does not know her. This is a bonus in regards to home security.

But, once a person has been invited in by us or sat down with us, she then identifies that person as part of the pack and gives them so much affection. She is especially fearful of children at first but we have friends children who she accepts regularly.

Current location is in a foster home in Exeter.

Adoption Fee : £380 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover new, excessive, extra EU travel costs, via UK bank account.

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