Snoopy, a 10-month-old cross-breed, finds himself in a pension in Bosnia, patiently awaiting the warmth and care of a loving home.

His journey began on the unforgiving streets, abandoned at the tender age of 2 months. There, he faced the harsh realities of life, enduring mistreatment from people who beat and chased him.

This early trauma left Snoopy deeply scarred and initially fearful of human interaction when he was eventually rescued. However, his story takes a heartwarming turn, thanks to the dedication of an incredible rescuer.

Through unwavering commitment and compassion, Snoopy’s rescuer has worked wonders in transforming him into a resilient and affectionate companion.

Despite his troubled past, Snoopy has emerged as a dog who not only forgives but embraces the company of people, dogs, and even cats.

Now, he stands ready and more than willing to become an integral part of a loving family, bringing joy and companionship to his future adopters.

Snoopy’s comprehensive adoption package includes vaccinations, microchipping with free registration, and neutering, ensuring he is ready for a smooth transition into a caring home.

Additionally, adopters will receive 4 weeks of complimentary insurance, triggered upon the joyful occasion of Snoopy finding his forever family. As an added assurance, a dedicated rescue backup is provided for the entirety of Snoopy’s life.

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