Solo – 5-6 month old male Old Tyme Bulldog Cross

Solo, a 5 to 6-month-old male Old Tyme Bulldog cross, showcases a stunning brown merle coat. Like his siblings, he was discovered residing in a shed with his parents and another dog, having never experienced life indoors or socialization.

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Consequently, Solo exhibits behaviors typical of much younger puppies, lacking life experiences and social skills.

Despite his rough start, Solo displays a love for toys, attention, and frolicking in the garden. He particularly enjoys treats and licky mats.

However, he is sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements, and he finds the leash daunting, although he is undergoing training to acclimate to it. House training is also a requirement for Solo’s adoption.

Socialization around dogs is necessary for Solo, as he can be nervous in their presence. While his interactions with cats and small animals remain unassessed, he has been exposed to children, including a 9-month-old, without incident.

Solo’s leash walking skills are still a work in progress due to his lack of prior socialization. Similarly, his ability to remain alone at home without causing messes is contingent on ongoing house training efforts.

Like many puppies, Solo may engage in destructive chewing if unsupervised, emphasizing the need to puppy-proof the environment.

On the positive side, Solo is crate trained, providing a safe space for him and aiding in his training and management.

Team Ilbrey K9 Partners
Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

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