Spike is a four-month-old male German Shepherd cross with a darker face. Found alongside his companion Eren in an outhouse near a public swimming pool in Cyprus, their origin remains a mystery.

Rescued from a potential abandonment, Spike has grown more accepting of affection and is particularly fond of chin scratches.

As an intelligent and potentially medium-sized adult, Spike, like his companion, requires a moderately active lifestyle and early training for mental stimulation and good manners.

Both pups, Spike and Eren, are seeking separate homes due to the belief that individual attention will better facilitate their progress. They are currently shy around strangers but display eagerness to engage and interact, indicating their desire for human companionship.

Homes with routine, stability, and patience are ideal for their development. Although shy initially, their cheeky and playful nature makes them suitable for households with children aged 6 and above, as long as the environment isn’t overly boisterous.

Living outside the city is preferred for Spike, away from busy roads and excessive noise, to avoid overwhelming their still-developing confidence. While a companion dog and access to a garden are not compulsory, they are recommended to aid in settling in.

Spike and Eren, having never lived inside a home, would benefit from direct access to a garden. Their ultimate potential as amazing young dogs hinges on the understanding and security provided by their future adopters.

In summary, Spike and Eren, currently residing in Cyprus, are ready for adoption, offering a clean bill of health. Their breed is an educated guess, and their estimated age is around four months, based on veterinary assessments.

If you’re prepared for the commitment and effort required for raising a young dog, consider offering a forever home to these foxy little boys.

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