Stanley is a4 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is currently receiving extra behavioural training support.

Stanley will have specific requirements from a potential home, considering the environment, experience level and expectations of the adopters.

Stanley has been responding well to his learning sessions and is a great character however he will be a continued ‘project’ for any new home!

Stanley is a real worrier, he becomes anxious about activity around him, things he sees, noises, smells, people and dogs.

The worrying causes a build-up of chronic anxiety leading to Stanley either shutting down and hiding away or becoming reactive to an extent that can be difficult to control and calm him down from.

He has been receiving support to learn to calm down and be better able to process and think about things, so rather than becoming anxious and reacting to situations, he can behave in more productive ways.

Stanley will require continued management, support and positive learning experiences over the long term within a new home.

Stanley will need a calm, adult-only home with people who have an understanding of dog behaviour and who will accept and enjoy the terrier side of his character too!

Stanley will need his secure garden to explore and play in, especially as he is not always feeling able to go out for walks. Consider being able to exercise in areas where he will not have to meet lots of other dogs and people.

Stanley can initially be reactive towards other dogs, he is receiving training to cope more calmly when he encounters other dogs however please consider that he would need walking in areas where there are not large numbers of other dogs.

Stanley is not suitable to live with cats, birds or small furry animals. Generally house-trained however can mark indoors when anxiety levels are high. Anxious travelling in the car, not that used to. Fine left alone for short periods.

Applicants should live close enough to the centre to be able to make several visits to make friends with Stanley and receive advice and support about management and training techniques.

Raystede is an independent rehoming centre near Lewes, Sussex. We tend to only rehome dogs to Sussex and the neighbouring counties.

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Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare East Sussex
Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare East Sussex

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