Stanley – 3 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel

Stanley is a 3 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel. He runs on rechargeable Duracell plus batteries that are plugged into the mains.

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Stanley rarely sleeps so if you think you want a cuddly sofa-loving dog, he is not for you!

Stanley is ball obsessed, runs like a greyhound, bounces off the wall and thinks you should be up for it too.

Stanley doesn’t really like other dogs especially if they get into his space however on a lead he ignores them. He has the run of the grass area and his kennel all night.

At 5.10 am he gets to run in the extended compound until around 5.25 then he goes in for breakfast. At 7 am he goes for a 30 min walk and ball game.

Stanley will be given a treat and go into his kennel until 9.30 when he comes out until around 12.

Stanley has a 20-minute walk then lunch. He will have an eve walk and ball game than a snack before bed.

Stanley is off-lead all the time and walks between alpaca horses etc without issue. Stanley will often come for a quick cuddle usually on his terms.

Stanley travels well in the car, will walk up a ramp and either travel on the seat or crated. He is house-trained and eats most things but is currently on Royal Canin and butcher-tinned meat.

Stanley would like a home where someone is around most of the time and with very active humans.

Stanley would like to live in a rural or semi-rural location. He would happily be around a horse yard or similar where he can be outside most of the time.

Stanley has lived with a cat in his previous home but not since the cat tested.

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