STAR is a  3 years old male Cross-Breed.

Star is a rescued dog currently living in our kennels in Cyprus. He is playful, respectful, and friendly with all dogs and humans too.

Star weighs around 24kg so is overly large. He happily enjoys time outside with the other dogs and especially with his good friend Louise. He shares his food and toys and space without an issue.

Star is such a gentle boy it is his time to find his perfect home.

He had some mild leishmaniasis symptom when he arrived, but his tests were all negative. Experience though was telling us otherwise. So we sent lymph liquid to be analysed where leishmaniasis cells were detected. Star has now had his full treatment for this and now he is on a pill a day to keep the parasite dormant.

He can live a normal, long, happy and active life just like any dog. Our rescue can give you advice on this condition. (From my own personal experience, I would not let it put me off adopting a dog and will be very happy to discuss Leishmaniasis with anyone interested in Star as I also have a gorgeous Cypriot dog with the condition.)

Star is the BEST!! And we hope that you will agree?

Whilst it would be lovely to find Star his forever family, we would not rule out an offer to foster him. If you are able to foster, all we would ask is that you keep him safe and cared for until his forever family can be found or until you decide that he is the boy for you.

Prior to his flight to the UK, he will be vet checked and vaccinated and have his entry passport prepared. The adoption fee required to cover the flight to get him to the UK is £460 as he has a very kind “fairy-dogmother” who has paid for some of his vet preparation costs. Of course, if you wish to foster we would not ask for any costs to be covered at this stage.

Star has a very special friend in Cyprus called Louise. She has her own advert on Dogsblog and we would be very happy to help further with adoption costs should there be a family who might be able to give them a home together. However, we simply want Star to find a home.

If you are interested in Star and having him join your family, please contact us.

Our rescue does all the work to get Star home to the UK. If you have not considered adopting from abroad before, it is much easier than you might think and so extremely rewarding! We will be with you every step of the process and with either a foster or forever home we are of course happy to chat to you about the full process.

We have our UK based team and a wide adopter group across the UK to help provide reassurance.

Please when contacting us provide a little information as follows:

1. Where in the country you live?
2. A little about your experience with dogs.
3. A brief description of your garden and height of fencing at its lowest point?
4. Details of the other dog or dogs in your home?
5. Any other pets?
6. Age of any children?
7. Time Star might be left alone each day.
8. Your best contact number so that we can call you.

Star will be vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before flying home.



Post adoption support is available from our rescue.

Our rescue must be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and our dog returned to one of our volunteers where required. Star must never be handed over to any UK Rescue or sold or adopted on without our knowledge. We always accept the return of our dogs and will endeavour to rehome them accordingly.

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DOG Rescue Cyprus

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All dogs rehomed via this rescue will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post adoption support is offered.

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