Sulley is a 1-2 year old male Springer Cross. He has had a really bad start to his short life and has been one of the worst malnutrition cases I have seen for a long time.

Sulley came in as a stray with Mikey, possibly his brother. Most of the time these guys are fine together but if I spend time with Mikey then Sulley gets jealous and starts nipping.

When it’s dinner time both dogs are separated but knowing it’s food time is enough for Sulley to start fighting with Mikey.

Therefore Sulley needs a dog-free home or one where separation is not an issue. Sulley is a nervous pup who knows very little about life in general.

Sulley travels well and is clingy at the vets but once he feels his paws under the table he can be quite a handful. I would say he is crossed with a pointer due to his looks and behaviour.

Sulley is still underweight but climbing steadily and now weighs around 14kg. He still needs around 3 kg to look at a reasonable weight.

Due to his condition, he has not yet started his vacs but hopefully, this will be something we can arrange next week. Sulley loves toys and is very inquisitive.

Sulley will guard toys with Mikey so again he cannot have these when they are in the kennel, only at playtime. Sulley tries to gain attention by nipping.

Sulley is still very puppy-like but this could easily progress so Sulley needs firm training and routine. Sulley will need experienced owners. Sulley sleeps in an open crate but is not locked in.

Sulley will travel in a crate. Sulley is not lead-trained but is learning to accept a harness. He is not housetrained however tries very hard to only do his business outside the kennel or on the pellets provided.

Sulley never soils his bed or kennel run apart from on the pellets. Sulley gets overstimulated very easily but on a one-to-one, he becomes very much more settled.

This is something I cannot currently do whilst he is in kennels. I believe this boy will be a fantastic companion to someone who has the time to devote to him.

Sulley is generally a gorgeous boy who just has had the worst start to his life and deserves to be loved and offered a chance to develop.

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