Teddy – 15 year old male Bichon Frise

Teddy is a 15 year old male Bichon Frise. He is in a foster home in Garstang, Lancashire, waiting for a home where he can be your closest friend.

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Lovely Teddy is used to being with his human all of the time, so this is the type of home he needs. He wouldn’t suit a home where he cannot be your constant companion.

Teddy doesn’t understand being left on his own and so will bark if he is. Teddy is great with other dogs. He is currently living with three other dogs and he enjoys their company.

His foster carer tells us that Teddy is great with her 19 year old cat. Teddy is used to the quiet life with an older person.

Also, he is quite greedy and food obsessed, so he couldn’t be trusted around food with youngsters and would probably try to steal food from them.

Teddy is great on the lead and loves going for walks. He doesn’t go off the lead so we aren’t sure of his recall, but he never wanders too far away from you.

Teddy is currently having two or three walks each day, depending on the weather, for 30 to 40 minutes.

Teddy travels restrained in the back of the car, but he does object to this, by whining, as he simply wants to be with you! He loves going for walks but he doesn’t play with toys.

Teddy is also happy to settle down on the settee for cuddles and attention. He particularly likes to snooze on top of the back of the settee.

Teddy needs a home where someone will be with him 24/7. He needs a patient owner as he barks with excitement, a lot, whenever food is being prepared.

Teddy gets upset if separated from you and will scratch to get out if you’re in another room. He is an extremely loving dog and likes nothing better than having cuddles, and he will want to sleep on the bed with you, so only apply if you are happy with that.

Teddy also loves to snuggle up with the resident dogs at his foster home. Teddy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and he has been wormed and flea treated.

Teddy takes Samylin liver supplement and also needs to be fed liver-compatible food. He has prior damage to his trachea so must only be walked on a harness. He chokes sometimes when eating food so is best with a ‘slow bowl’.

The Oldies Club
The Oldies Club

For further details regarding adopting a dog from the Oldies Club, please telephone 0844 5868656 or email rehome@oldies.org.uk

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