Teddy is an 8-month-old male puppy, a charming cross-breed rescued along with four siblings from a harsh kill shelter in Bosnia.

Having undergone a remarkable recovery, Teddy and his littermates are now eager to find loving family homes. Brimming with typical puppy energy and playfulness, Teddy embodies the joy and enthusiasm that puppies bring to households.

He is fond of both people and other dogs, making him an ideal companion for families seeking a lively addition to their home. Like his siblings, Teddy will benefit from consistent puppy training to ensure he grows into a well-behaved adult dog.

Vaccinated and microchipped, Teddy comes with free registration upon adoption.

While not neutered yet due to his age, this responsibility will be transferred to his adopter when he reaches the appropriate age, with a contribution of £25 towards the operation directly paid to the veterinary clinic.

The adoption package includes 4 weeks of free insurance, triggered by the adopter, providing an added layer of security for Teddy’s well-being.

The rescue organisation also offers a lifetime commitment, ensuring ongoing support and assistance for Teddy throughout his life.

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Action Aid for Animals

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