Tegan is a 2 year old female Shepherd Cross. She is a sweetheart who was found wandering through the fields not too far from the local municipal pound.

Tegan is a worker who brought her in for rehoming, and she’s since been finding her feet.

Tegan is a beautiful girl, but so stressed in the pound and we’re desperate to get her out of there.

Tegan is around 27kg and measures 81cm to the top of her head. We think, based on her reactions to the pound, that she has lived in a home before, although we can’t guarantee this.

When outside the shelter and on her walks with people she is a changed dog and seems happy, but as soon as she returns to the kennel area she immediately becomes stressed, confused and frantic.

It’s so sad to witness, especially when she’s just come back from a walk where she was so happy and having such a nice time.

Some dogs don’t find the shelter environment too difficult to cope with but Tegan is not one of those dogs.

Since her arrival, Tegan has been making friends with all of the volunteers who come each day to walk, clean and feed the dogs.

Tegan became a hit very quickly, as she’s super friendly and loves nothing more than to lean into you for a cuddle.

Tegan is happiest when she’s around people and she loves going out for walks, getting the sniff about in the grass and exploring the nature trails.

Tegan would love a more active home with a family who is often enjoying long walks. Tegan has been friendly with other dogs in the shelter but seems to prefer the company of people.

Tegan has befriended one small dog who she seems to particularly like, but she’s disinterested in the others and looks to socialise with the volunteers more than she does the other shelter pups.

Tegan doesn’t need to live with a resident dog and would be quite happy on her own, where she can be the centre of attention.

Tegan doesn’t have any experience with children and based on her size we’re looking for a home with kids aged 11+, so as not to overwhelm either party.

Tegan is an active dog and may jump up so we wouldn’t recommend her for a home with young, smaller children.

Tegan has also been exposed to cats in the yard and shown interest in them, although with no aggression.

However, there is likely a chase instinct there so we would recommend a home without cats. Tegan’s ideal home would be an active family based in a more semi-rural area with lots of green spaces nearby to explore.

Tegan would love some basic training to help her bond with her new family and would prefer a family who is home frequently so she doesn’t spend long periods on her own.

Tegan is also looking for a home with direct access to a secure garden. Tegan is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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