You won’t be surprised that we’re incredibly proud of each and every dog adoption facilitated by But don’t just take our word for it! See what others have to say about and the role this website has played in finding homes for 70424 dogs and counting.

Beverley Knight’s Inspiring Dog Adoption Story Testimonials From Pet Industry Supporters:

Victoria Stilwell, Dog Behaviourist & TV Personality: is an easy and effective way to find the perfect rescue dog. Those who are interested in a dog of a particular age, sex or breed can easily find what they are looking for on the site and because it casts the net wider that just the local area, more dogs have a chance of being adopted. The site provides shelters another valuable way in getting their dogs re-homed with the right kind of families. It’s an excellent idea and I wish it every success.

Charlotte Hawkins, GMTV anchor and rescue dog owner:

My dog Bailey was in a dog pound and faced being destroyed if she hadn’t been rescued by a charity. I can’t imagine life without her now, she’s one of the family.

I’m a big supporter of Adopting a dog makes such a difference to their life, and in return you’ll get a loyal friend. They’ll make you fitter, happier, and healthier, and will give you lots of laughs along the way.

Emma Milne, TV vet and rescue dog lover:

Having only ever owned rescue dogs I am one of their biggest fans. Many people assume the words ‘rescue dog’ somehow mean an inferior pet or damaged goods. Dogs are truly wonderful animals to share your life with and this is the same no matter what their origin. So many dogs need loving homes and providing such a home for an animal in need is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences imaginable and helps you to find your perfect rescue dog from the comfort of your own home.

Trude Mostue, Celebrity Vet: is a fantastic example of the entire pet industry coming together for the common good.

Dr Monica Lundervold (at the time of writing was Iams UK Veterinary Consultant):

Iams were delighted to partner with K9 Media to launch the website 2 years ago. It’s great to see the site continuing to function as an excellent tool for rehoming rescue dogs. Sadly more dogs are being abandoned and we urge all dog lovers considering expanding their families to visit

Joy Ward, author: is several things but it is first and foremost for a way to make it easier for everyone in the UK to find out about rescue options and see all dogs available for adoption.

A Selection Of Charity & Rescue Supporters:

The Blue Cross:

The Blue Cross is pleased to be involved with a site which actively seeks to rehome dogs across the country. The more people who see these dogs then the better chance they have of finding a home with a loving family. We hope prospective dog owners will spend time looking at the site and will fall in love with the dog if their dreams.

RSPCA Cambridgeshire Branch:

Since we registered with our rate of dog rehoming has dramatically improved – particularly for the older or more hard-to-place dogs.

Freshfields Animal Rescue:

Dogs who would normally be in our care for up to 6 months are now in perfect new homes within a week. That’s thanks to being on dogsblog!

Dogs Trust Glasgow:

DogsBlog is a great service offering potential homes for rescue dogs many options of dogs throughout the country in different rescue centres looking for homes. The site is friendly and easy to use, and shows rescue dogs in a very positive light. At Dogs Trust we have many wonderful dogs looking for homes and DogsBlog has been another source for potential homes to learn more about the dogs in our care that need loving homes for life.

Zepthedep Rottweiler Rescue:

Since launched and we came on board with our rescue, we’ve noticed a positive impact on the dogs who have been rehomed as a result of the site. Its made a real difference and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

Lurcher Link:

We are extremely pleased with everything at dogsblog, we do get many calls from folks after seeing our dogs on there. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue:

Dogsblog have proved to be very beneficial to Jerry Greens Dog Rescue. We have had a large amount of enquiries after someone has visited dogsblog and have been then referred to our main website for more information on Jerry Greens and the policies. We have found dogsblog to be a great ‘in between’ for people looking to adopt a dog who can visit the website and then get in touch to us. It benefits rescues by encouraging people to adopt rather than buy from expensive breeders and hopefully find their forever friend.

Japanese Akita Welfare Trust:

Dogsblog is a powerful tool in helping us re home the dogs we have in need, they have helped us to re home many Akitas, with one quick email they are listed with in days and ready for the public to view.

RSPCA ‘Stubbington Ark’ Shelter:

The ethos and quality of go hand in hand with our own practices and

principles, so regardless of anything else, I think it is really great to keep hammering home, in as many ways as possible and by as many resources as possible, the plight of so many creatures we at the RSPCA have for years called the back yard prisoner.

It does spread the word to people we attract that there are other sources such as yourself who may have just what they are looking for and vice versa. All too often in the past there has been rivalry and a sense of competition between similar welfare bodies causing objectives to become a bit hazy. Thanks to technology, IT and the web, there is a real opportunity to touch every audience possible and exploit every opportunity possible to achieve all our re-homing objectives. I am so glad we got together and hope for a long and fruitful and expanding relationship.

RSPCA Maidenhead Branch:

Although we have our own website we find that some of the dogs in our care take ages and ages to re-home, probably because they’re not of the cute and cuddly variety.

Being able to put the dogs on has made a real difference to them and has, ultimately, meant that they’ve found homes much quicker than would have otherwise been possible. I really like the site and I know there are some very grateful dogs out there languishing in their new homes. There are also a lot of very happy volunteers at our branch too, as every dog re-homed means that what we do is worthwhile!

The Mayhew Animal Home:

The Mayhew Animal Home only lists dogs for re-homing on a few websites and the majority of our enquiries come from, so we are always keen to get details of our handsome hounds posted on there.

Even if we get inundated with enquires for just one specific dog it still draws people through the doors of our Home, meaning that our other dogs also have a chance of finding a new family, which is fantastic.

Northern Rose Boxer Rescue:

Since using dogsblog we have seen a significant increase of people coming on to the forum we run looking for our dogs. This has resulted in the past 2 months a 35% rise in the rehoming of our dogs to fantastic forever homes.

People have told us that dogsblog gives them a well set out site where they can view dogs by breed, age and sex and the site is very user friendly. Overall Rescue places benefit because their dogs are placed on the site and potential new forever homes can find the dog they have always wanted.

Kirkby Pet Welfare:

DogsBlog is the main reason for our recently increased rehoming rate at Kirkby Pet Welfare. It has been a fantastic resource for us, and we have been able to help more dogs in need as a result.

Dogsblog has also enabled us to rehome our dogs further afield, because it reaches such a wide audience. The staff are extremely helpful, and quickly respond when a new dog needs to be added. Many thanks!

RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln Branch:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the fantastic, timely support provided. We think dogsblog is by far the main reason for the rehoming we have done over the last couple of months, including some hard to home dogs, including staffies / older dogs.

Rescue Remedies:

I can’t rate the efforts of the Team highly enough. They get the Rescue Remedies rescue dogs ads out there quickly with nicely tailored descriptive ads in an easy to read/ precise format. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and the enquiries we get in on the dogs from the public is steady – sometimes assisted by the team when the public don’t quite grasp how the site works – we are always grateful for these leads and the fact that they take the time to pass them on.

We also welcome the opportunities passed our way to feature/get more exposure on our dogs when dogsblog run a campaign/press effort. I often pass the site details on to people looking for a particular/specific breed of dog as the way the site is categorised saves so much search time.

Leicester Animal Aid:

Leicester Animal Aid re homes on average 350 dogs each year and have more recently been using the service provided by, a website enabling rescue centre’s to feature some of the dogs looking for new homes. We have received an excellent response from people across the country looking to re home a rescue dog.

I think the site is really easy to use, is up dated regularly and also provides useful information for any one looking at a new pet. We have had many enquiries from the dogsblog site and re homed many of our dogs to loving new homes.

RSPCA South Cotswolds Branch:

We have found to be very effective in finding homes for our dogs it seems to attract quality experienced homes and dogs that I thought would be more difficult to find homes for have found fantastic homes very quickly. For would be dog owners it’s an easy site to navigate around to find your perfect friend.

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue:

The dogsblog website has been single-handed instrumental in the tremendous success of West Yorkshire Dog Rescue since we stared 5 months ago to use the site to advertise our dogs needing homes.

The adverts appear on the website promptly with the photos and words that we provide giving us the benefits of both showing what the dogs look like and informing about their nature and characteristics. There is a wide and intelligent dog loving readership as evidenced by the high quality of the homes we get offered for our dogs.

In terms of volumes of calls, we have considerably increased our rehome rate which means we can save many more dogs compared with before we used this site.

The staff running the website have established a personal relationship with us, always extremely helpful, which gives us the benefits of being flexible and able to discuss options with them for positioning the adverts and words to use. We are overall extremely satisfied; and the dogs of West Yorkshire benefit tremendously from this site. Well done everyone at

Royston Animal Welfare:

Dogsblog gives small charities like Royston Animal Welfare the opportunity to advertise their dogs to a wider audience. Last year this resulted in a difficult dog finding a new home far quicker than we could have expected with dogsblog’s help.

Friends Of Akitas:

As a rescue organisation, running on volunteers and goodwill, has been an invaluable resource for the Friends of Akitas Trust (UK), helping us promote the organisation and attract potential adopters.

A number of the homes for our Akitas, mainly ex “death row” dogs from UK pounds have come via the dogsblog site, demonstrating its popularity. Dogsblog has everything that the potential adopter could want a clear, concise information about a number of breeds and organisations – all in one place!

A Selection Of Journalist & Celebrity Supporters:

(Radio interview features and press clippings on file)

Jemima Kiss, The Guardian:

Dogsblog manages to combine the two killer internet memes of cuteness and social worth, posting details of all the latest dogs and puppies that need rehoming. Users can search by breed, age, sex and location at rehoming centres across the UK, some with video.

Zoe Williams, The Guardian:

An amazingly good idea!

Gail Porter, TV Presenter and dog owner:

I think is doing an amazing thing for dogs because in this day and age all animals should be given the proper care they deserve and some people unfortunately don’t respect this and without this website a lot of dogs would be without the love they deserve.

Martin Clunes, Actor and dog lover:

Long may DogsBlog continue, I’m all for animal adoption!

Kate Humble, Wildlife TV presenter:

Dogsblog is a great place to start if you are thinking of adopting a dog. The site has lots of helpful advice and can put you in touch with a range of re-homing centres right across the country. If you can give a dog a good, loving home, adopting a rescue dog is fantastically rewarding. I did exactly that a year ago and it is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Philippa Forrester, TV presenter and celebrity dog lover:

As a dog lover and someone who has re-homed dogs in the past, I think is a fantastic initiative. It will allow more dogs to find new homes and be united with loving owners, which can only be a good thing.

Claire King, Actress: is a good idea, the more dogs who can be united with the right families for them, the better. I think the best thing about owning a dog is the fact that it makes you a more responsible person because you have someone else to look after who can’t look after themselves and you are responsible for their welfare.

Charlotte Dutton, Pro-snowboarder and Model:

Its great to see all the different types of dogs on the website up for adoption, big, small young or old they all have an equal opportunity to get adopted. All of the dogs deserve a new life and in my opinion no good household is complete without a family pet.

Linda Barker, TV presenter and designer: really helps the new owner decide on the right dog for their circumstances in the comfort of their own home. This is how dog ownership should always start, what a fabulous service for the animal loving public who are wanting to adopt!

Caprice, Model, TV presenter and Businesswoman:

I’ve always loved dogs and hearing the stories of dogs being in rescues has always been heart-breaking to hear. offers those dogs the chance to get seen by more people and find their new home. Rescue dogs shouldn’t be thought of as second choices, but great dogs who just need that second chance and this site starts them on the road to find a new loving home.

Dog Adopters

Mia Worrall, owner of Max, found through

I found Max via your site and found it extremely useful because I was able to specify size breed etc. We have had Max for 3 weeks today! Max is the 3rd rescue dog I’ve had, but for my partner (Philip) he’s the first. It was extremely useful to be able see and read about dogs, especially for Philip as he was daunted by the thought of turning up at a rescue centre cold.

The Hawksworth Family, owner of Tiger, found through

I found finding Tiger really easy. I was originally looking for a puppy and saw some on but having spoken to Macclesfield RSPCA they said they wouldn’t be suitable but they had Tiger who was 1 yr old. I went back to dogsblog where I found all the information about him. I found this much better than trekking all the way over to where he was being kennelled and maybe being disappointed and raising the hopes of all concerned. Once I was happy with the information I had read I was then confident enough to do a visit. It all went very smoothly and painlessly. Tiger is very much part of the family and is very loved, none of us would be without him.

Imgarde Horsley, owner of Benson, found through is GREAT–very helpful and a good presentation. Just keep up this grand effort.

Jackie Selby, owner of Sunny, found through

We found out about through K9 Magazine and we can’t believe our luck, we have been searching for 2 years and we now have our perfect dog!

Kristal Rowlandson, owner of Bow, found through

We found using to be really easy. We had already decided that we wanted to get a rescue dog rather than a puppy as we wanted to give a dog another chance. As we don’t live in a large house and both work, we had decided that we would let the dog’s individual characteristics dictate our choice and this was where dogsblog really came into its own. Using the search facility we were able to find a dog which suited us in terms of its age and breed and so size and temperament. It was also brilliant having so much information at your finger tips as we were able to quickly assess each dogs suitability for us. It has to be said, however, that as soon as I saw Bow it was pretty much love at first sight and we immediately called to get more information and to fill in our application form.

Robert and Sue Brown, owner of Imogen, found through

We saw Imogen on at the end of June and she seemed perfect for us. We already have 2 Rescue male dogs from Battersea Dogs Home. I have been searching for Akita’s through the Rescue sites and found dogsblog through the RSPCA, and through dogsblog found Blackberry Farm. She has already endeared herself to us in such a way, that she is no longer that Rescue Dog but a loving member of the family.

Vivien and John Squance, owner of Dodge, found through

Dodge is our fourth rescue dog in 30 odd years- they have all been wonderful pets. Dogsblog was very useful in our search – we were able to see what type of breeds were available, research their characteristics and see which would be best suited to our lifestyle. We were then able to regularly look at to look for the right dog – which we have found!

In the past we just had to take pot luck at our local RSPCA kennels, which actually worked out well but the internet gives a much wider choice and makes an ideal match more likely.

Karen Driscoll, owner of Buster, found through

Dogsblog was really helpful in helping us find Buster. He has settled in extremely quickly, he was obviously loved and the description was accurate. I think that getting a dog from a rescue place is the perfect way of getting a dog. In our case it was a perfect match.

Sanda and John Pennington, owner of Anya, found through

Thank you for your help, e-mails posts of new dogs. We have been successfully matched up with Anya 4 year old Lurcher Cross. Your organisation sent me details on Barney on Thu 5/2/09 who was very appealing but not quite what we wanted. Then we so Anya’s picture from Freshfields A R Centre in Wales which leapt of the screen. That was 11.30 pm Thursday night, by Friday noon 2 phone calls and an e-mail we had a visit to Wales organised. By 6.30pm on Saturday and 386 mile trip behind us Anya was sitting in our Harrogate home. We are so pleased and thank you for your Web site.