Meet Tiger, an 8-9 month old Collie cross male, Tiger’s owner has been admitted to hospital and will be unable to care for the dog when eventually released. With no one willing to take on the animal and at risk in that he had been left in his home, the branch stepped in and he has been signed over to our care.

GREAT NEWS! This Dog Has Now Been Rehomed
Thanks to good people like yourself who use on a daily basis, this dog has now found a new, permanent loving home. There are more dogs still looking though…

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Has had his health check, is neutered, fully vaccinated, wormed/flead, microchipped and is a very healthy dog. He is quite active, very friendly, good on the lead and can be a bit exciteable in that he jumps up for a fuss! He is house-trained but in the light of recent confinement may need a brush up on the rules. Because he’s been cooped up for a short while, he can get a bit over excited in a friendly way so may need a little bit of training – certainly some decent walks. He does know basic commands.

We know he has been brought up from being a puppy alongside a little Terrier cross female, but we do not know how he is with other dogs – perhaps a bit annoying until he becomes less enthusiastic about play. He is fine with cats and does not chase them but may approach to play or out of curiosity.

He’s not used to being around children but he’s so young we have no concerns. We would place him with children but perhaps not toddlers. He loves being around you for company and is a loving, friendly dog, he’ll relish lots of walks and attention! Has shown a liking for water – ponds etc that is – and given half the chance would dive in for a swim.

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RSPCA Macclesfield South East Cheshire and Buxton

For further details please contact RSPCA Macclesfield (South East Cheshire & Buxton) by telephone 01625 669620 or by e-Mail

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