Tinkerbelle – 11 month old female Great Dane cross Malamute

Belle is another of those dogs who has rapidly crawled under our skin here at Greyhound Gap and stamped her way firmly into many a heart. We adore her. There is nothing bad to be said regardless of her size or breeding she is just the most wise beyond her years little girl you could wish to engage with. Tinkerbelle came to us from a stray pound and we found a record of her breeding. When Belle first landed we wondered what we had taken on. Big, strong, busy and inquisitive we soon learnt that it was all based around the euphoria of finding herself in a good, fun, environment with people who spoilt her rotten. It was like walking a bear! Quickly though with the introduction of a head collar she calmed immediately and we had her under control. From that very second onward she was a joy to work with. Belle has the most fabulous temperament. She is brilliant with people, has been great with the children at the kennels and her manners with other dogs is second to non. She greets them gently and if they wish to play knows to lie down at their level and play alongside them not standing up and over them and risking hurting them un intentionally. The only thing that has to be watched in play is her paws as she likes to play by batting a little and some tiny dogs she may knock over. We have introduced her to all manner of breeds including a 9 week old puppy and she even rolled over so that he could help her wash her bits and erm…. attempt to suckle which we quickly rectified but Belle did not care. Belle however is not cat friendly.

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We feel that Belle’s ideal home will be with a family with big dog experience and the company of another dog as she does love them so much. We recommend that although good with children she is rehomed with dog savvy children 10 plus just due to her size as smaller children she may knock over unintentionally. Belle would love a home with a large garden to allow her to stretch her legs but we feel it is imperative that if anyone offering Belle a home does have land they understand that it is necessary to continue to take her out and about and make sure she continues as she matures with the fabulous social temperament she has now as opposed to isolating her by only exercising her on their own land. She is wonderful and we would like to keep her that way. We do feel training classes would be beneficial from a recall point of view as Belle is very nosey and inquisitive and is desperate to say hello to all other dogs and their owners she meets. Obviously due to her size if she approaches quickly off lead without a good element of control we feel this could scare people as they will naturally be worried and taken aback. Walking we find that a combination of head collar and harness combined makes her no harder to handle than any other dog. She is a very bright dog and very quickly adjusts her behaviour in accordance of the situation, it is almost like she herself recognises that her size can be a worry and she then tackles everything calmly.

Whoever gets Belle will get a dog in a million, all the good basics are there, fine tuning is all that is needed to maintain the level of training she has already received and soaked up as she does everything like a sponge. Although Belle is in kennels here in the midlands she is a very very clean girl and does toilet immediately on leaving the kennel so we are sure her housetraining like the rest of her will be almost perfect!

Belle is currently being lavished, adored and smothered in hugs and kisses here at the kennels, She can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful homevisit and family members along with any current dogs being willing to travel to meet her

Belle is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped and spayed.

If you are interested in offering out beautiful Belle a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire. (link here)


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