Toby – 11 month old male Cross-Breed

Toby is a 11 month old male Cross-Breed. He is a very friendly and loving boy, very active and playful. Good with the other dogs when gets confident them, but can bark from the start. Not tested for cats. Loves women and kids, unsure of men. Need slow introduction. Loves walks and cuddles on the sofa.

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Toby is currently at foster family with a resident dog and 2 men to whom he is used and is absolutely ok with them. That’s what foster family says : ” Toby is an amazing puppy, not big. He is very good in the house, never chews things , just plays with his toys .He does the toilet only outside or when it’s very urgent on the pads. He can be very attached to humans, currently women because men tend to scare him at the moment.

We are currently working on minor behaviour issues, which all are connected to his unconfidence : he doesn’t like guests at home( afraid of new people/not trusty to strangers): on the walks he can bark on dogs and people. Now he has training with a dog trainer and is showing good improvement.just needs a family who is ready to invest love, patience and some time in his training. Better as a single dog in the house or family should commit to proper introduction and first days management .”

? Toby was found as a pup on streets, trying to eat from rubbish bins, very hungry and scared?? Before coming to the UK he lived at foster with 10 dogs and 2 cats. He behaved well and very friendly with them, the only thing is that he never walked outside the house and never meet the other dogs. TOBY is potentially friendly nice boy, but needs a help to overcome his natural timidity. .

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