Toby – 8 month old male Lurcher

Toby is an 8 month old male Lurcher. He is currently about 20kg but still has some growing to do. He’s in a foster home sharing with other dogs.

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Toby is a typical young Lurcher, full of energy and enthusiasm. He loves people and seems very enthusiastic about children (but is too bouncy for very young kids).

Toby’s likely to knock them over) Toby thinks every dog he meets wants to be his friend and wants to play with all of them.

Toby is a determined chewer and also very enthusiastic about finding ‘things’ that might be good to play with or chew – luckily he’s very good at swapping things out for more appropriate objects.

Toby’s not treat-orientated when out, although venison does appear to just about attracting enough attention. We’re working on rewarding him for giving us attention on walks. His loose lead walking is improving but goes to pot when there’s another dog nearby – but it’s still early days!

Toby has a very distinct opinion, and if he’s not keen on something, or wants something, he will indicate this very vocally.

Dislikes include stopping too long to talk to anyone on walks (or sit down for a short while), being left in a room on his own (although he is quite happy taking himself into that room on his own if it’s his decision), not having dinner on time, not being played with, and needing to go down the garden – sometimes to dig a hole or chew his bone.

Toby holds his neck very tall a lot of the time (perhaps some Bedlington in the mix?) – combined with a long neck and ever-increasing leg length he can get his nose to kitchen counter height with no problem – so stealing food from worktops is a possibility!

Luckily we’ve also had experience of this in the past so all edibles are off the counter in cupboards.

Toby will need a new home where someone is around for most of the time; he is currently prone to separation anxiety, so will need kind, patient new owners who are willing to slowly give Toby the time to build confidence in being left alone.

Toby will need someone prepared to put time and effort into further training and to understand that puppies are hard work and require considerable time and input for at least the first 12-18 months. He is microchipped and vaccinated.

Toby is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Lurcher Link Rescue
Lurcher Link Rescue

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