Travis is a 6 year old male German Shepherd Cross. He is from Romania born on the 30 Oct 2017 and came into rescue along with his 2 siblings and has not been rehomed with them yet due to his disability.

Travis has been with us in the UK since May 2018 and now we would love to find a very special home for this very special boy.

Travis was born with issues in his hips and the many vets in Romania diagnosed many different things but it was only when he came into our care and saw our vets (and had more X-Rays) that we confirmed a diagnosis. Travis does not have any hip sockets – they never formed.

So his hips do not stay in place and move about which he moves. He has never needed any pain relief and is a strong dog and copes very well and isn’t in any pain.

Initially, our vets said he should be PTS but after seeing him playing very happily, in no pain and with the strength that he has in his front end he agreed he has a great quality of life and deserves a chance to live it to the full.

Travis loves running around the garden and playing so needs a nice big garden and lots of space.

We do need his home to have an understanding vet who is willing to work with us if necessary for any decisions on his future treatment and this would be part of our adoption contract. Fabulous with other dogs especially boy dogs.

He loves to play out with the boys.

Travis can be funny with new people and can be a bit barky. It doesn’t take him long to warm up and we think it’s a bit of territory guarding as he is fine when out and about.

Travis walks fine on a lead and travels well in the car and has been well-behaved at the groomers.

Travis would be perfectly happy in a home where he never goes for a walk as long as he has a big garden to run around and people to give him love and attention.

Travis is a very sweet soul. If you can offer Travis the extra special home and family he needs we would like to hear from you.

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