Wilco and Wendy – 1-2 year old male and female Cross-Breeds

Wilco and Wendy are 1-2 year old male and female Cross-Breeds. They are in UK foster. Wendy is doing well really picking up toilet training well and having less accidents in the house. She’s really enjoying getting out for walks and walks very well on lead. We know the aim was always to keep them together and we hope that this will be the case but we have also thought a lot about them both.

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Because of Wilco reactive behaviours we don’t think its wise for him to be rehomed with children under the age of 7 minimum really unless they are a dog savy house household know . The fosterer has children , but they are very knowledgeable about dogs and there behaviour and what to do and not to do. There’s a video of how Wilco is still reacting with his sister just so you can understand this a little better in the comments below.

Wendy is a very happy and confident and absolutely loves people and children and other dogs so she could easily go into a family household with children whom where willing of course to continue the normal puppy training. She walks great on a lead and very soon she could start with a long training lead to build up recall. She starting to pick up sit and come. She is however keeping me up through the night still with continuing breaking.

She needs lots of stimulation and really like to be active. The fosterer does a lot of scent finding for her like hiding chicken around the garden and snuffle blankets lick mats just to keep her stimulated and busy. She is a chewer so lots of chew toy is great. She absolutely eats so quickly so Shes fed from a puzzle bowl she will then try to take Wilco dinner so best to just feed them separately.

Wilco, is much more shy than Wendy, he is quieter and doesn’t always respond well to her bouncy normal puppy like behaviour. Wilco is quite nervous of new people and especially kids if but if they are sat down he will go and sit with them. Wilco enjoys going for walk and he walks great on the lead and loves a good smell of everything but you can tell he’s nervous by how slowly he moves and how he looks around.

He really just needs someone to have lots of patience with him as he’s still finding himself and theres work to do with him feeling more confident calm and content so he’s less jumpy. He loves a good cuddle with an adult but does get very cross when Wendy pushes in on his human cuddle which she does.

These two really are lovely amazing clever dogs it really hard to know what to do for the best to keep them together or not as that should always be the aim but they are both very different and each need different support if we can find a family that’s willing to do this that would be amazing and keeping them together is so possible but needs to be the right thing for Wilco to know the reactive behaviour they may face with Wilco it is all warning behaviour but really need to be taken into consideration. T

hey may suit being rehomed separately,mainly because they really are at different stages of development and need different things. They also don’t tend to sleep with each other but we think Wendy will feel it as she just wants company she will cry but this can be comforted be another person.

We are a small Uk charity that rescues abandoned and sometimes mistreated cats and dogs from Croatia. We bring them back to health and try to rehome them. Unless otherwise stated all dogs are in Croatia ready to travel.

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We are a small UK charity that rescues abandoned and sometimes mistreated cats and dogs from Croatia. We bring them back to health and try to rehome them. Unless otherwise stated all dogs are in CROATIA ready to travel.

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