Woody – 5 month old male Lurcher

Woody is a 5 month old Lurcher pup. He is currently 21 inches tts. We would expect him to reach 23/24. He is bright as a button, loves learning and house trained. Typical bouncy happy pup. Woody sleeps in a crate at night, he is clean and quiet once settled, he will whine to let you know if he does need the toilet at night but this is rare. He does not need to be crated when left with another dog – he hasn’t chewed/damaged anything. Woody can be left for a few hours with another dog for company. He loves people although so far he has not met any children. He loves his walks, but can’t walk that far yet as he is only young. Woody enjoys the company of other dogs. He greets new dogs with enthusiasm but is polite with it. Woody loves his food and sits or lies down patiently when waiting for meals. Woody loves his toys and will fetch a ball, enjoys a game of tuggy. Woody knows his name and will generally come to call from the garden at top speed for a treat. Woody loves treats and chews he is given a stuffed kong when being left which he eats in his crate. Woody is a typical curious cheeky pup, mischievous and funny he often chatters away to himself and gets frustrated when chasing his tail!!

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Woody loves his walks, he is good on the lead on his own but pulls a bit when out with others but this is mainly because he doesn’t want to get left behind. He is a little nervous of traffic but this is improving. Woody has been great in the car so Woody loves cuddles and is very affectionate he gives nose kisses. Gets very excited by the local wildlife. Woody is living with cats and chickens but is excitable by both when they are moving and does paw and jab the cat with his nose. This is being worked on. Woody can play a little rough at times but does back down when the older dogs tell him, he’s just pushing the boundaries. Woody sometimes mouths when excited but stops when told or is given a toy instead. Woody is capable of jumping over a stable door at the moment so would need 6 ft fencing as he probably would attempt to follow a cat (or wildlife) over a fence. He is typically athletic. Woody is an opportunist and counter surfs. Like all puppies he needs further training and socialisation.

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