Zeki is a two-year-old male Labrador Retriever/Shepherd cross, a delightful blend of breeds that contributes to his medium to large size.

Rescued from the streets of Cyprus by the dog warden, Zeki initially displayed nervousness but quickly revealed his true nature as a big, soft goofball.

His estimated age is around two years, and he is the approximate size of a German Shepherd, radiating joy with his super-smiley and handsome demeanor.

This adolescent pup has proven to be an intelligent learner, responding well to hand signals for basic commands like ‘sit.’ Zeki, though a bit of a goon, shows hidden intelligence and eagerly awaits praise or treats for good behavior.

With the potential for further training, he would thrive in a loving and patient environment.

Currently, Zeki shares his kennel with another young male dog and generally coexists well, occasionally engaging in playful antics. While he could live alongside another placid dog, he would also be content being the sole resident dog, enjoying the spotlight and attention.

Despite his size, Zeki is a chilled boy once settled, displaying affection and love for cuddles, along with the occasional unexpected kiss on the nose.

Given his exuberance, it’s advisable for Zeki to be in a home with older children (10+) to prevent any unintentional knocking over. He hasn’t been tested with cats yet, and his bounciness might be overwhelming for smaller animals.

Zeki’s ideal home is moderately active, located outside the city with a garden for him to explore. Patience and understanding are required from adopters as he adapt to a new life, with a focus on lead training due to his excitement during walks.

Zeki, currently in Cyprus, is in good health and eagerly awaits a forever home, ready to travel once the perfect match is found.

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