Zephy and Buddy are 9-12 year old female and male Terrier and Lurcher. Zephy (left) is a 12-year-old Terrier girl and Buddy (right) is a 9-year-old Lurcher boy are a bonded pair of old sweeties.

They came into the Oldies Club rescue because a bereavement in their family meant that they weren’t getting enough people time anymore.

They’re currently in an Oldies Club foster home near Wokingham, Berkshire while they wait for their perfect retirement home.

Zephy only took one week to settle into the foster home, whereas Buddy took two to three weeks before he felt at ease. Once they’ve settled in at their new home, Buddy and Zephy can be left for a few hours.

As long as their comfort needs are taken care of, they’re both quite happy to snooze a fair bit. Zephy is OK with most other dogs but is cautious at first.

Buddy, being less self-assured than his best friend will sometimes feel he needs to get his retaliation in first. He’s not always reactive but it’s easiest to avoid situations which might cause him to tell other dogs off.

He can resource guard his meals so it’d be simplest if these two are the only dogs in the home. Zephy is pretty good with youngsters, being a fun-loving lady.

Buddy is gentle but jumpy. Sudden movements or noises make him yelp with alarm. He needs a peaceful and predictable home, so age 16+ should be fine. Buddy and Zephy are currently having walks of 15-20 minutes, they stay on the lead and both walk beautifully.

Such good dogs. Both are completely happy with car journeys. Zephy likes playing with her toys. Testing how much effort it takes to destroy them is her number one hobby. She also loves food! She likes cuddling up to you but only when the mood takes her.

Both dogs liked to be stroked but on their terms. Both are very keen on the snoozing! Buddy can’t be having with sudden things, noises or movements.

His history causes him to be nervous meeting new people and to not like being loomed over or constrained, so you can’t go to cuddle him. Zephy, similarly doesn’t like unsolicited or in-your-face fuss. She asks for affection when she’s feeling soppy.

Buddy and Zephy want a quiet home without many comings and goings. They want owners who are calm and kind and who will make them feel safe and loved.

They want a sensible, snooze-centred existence and a secure garden to potter about in, between naps. Buddy and Zephy are both neutered, vaccinated and worm/flea treated.

Zephy is on medication permanently for an over-active adrenal gland. Buddy is on medication for a possible auto-immune condition on his nose, which is likely to be ongoing.

Neither of them let their conditions affect their enjoyment of life. Zephy is determined, inquisitive and foody. Buddy is gentle, quiet and placid. Both are very loving dogs!

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