Max is a 1-2 year old male Cross-Breed. He is a handsome young chap, who just celebrated his second birthday (DOB 12 of September 2020). We want to make his only wish come true and find him a new, loving home.

Max is not only good-looking, with the distinctive black spots that make him look super adorable, but has a great personality too. He is very active and incredibly agile.

Any person who enjoys exercising or long runs will have an absolute blast with this bundle of energy. He happily wears a harness and loves to sniff around on his daily walks. Max is initially shy around new dogs, but once properly introduced he’s friendly and very social.

He goes to a dog daycare where he loves to play with his buddies. Unfortunately, he also loves to chase cats, therefore a cat-free home is a must. Despite looking strong and brave, Max is a shy pup in need of an assertive owner who will help him build confidence and feel safe in any circumstances.

At the moment he needs time to warm up to new people. He can be very cautious initially, but given the time and slow introduction, he settles nicely. Once he befriends someone, he is the most loyal and loving friend. Unknown objects may also concern Max (like scaffoldings or large bins), but we’re sure with time and adequate guidance he will soon gain more courage.

Max would be a great fit for an active family with no young children, who could provide him with loads of daily exercise and mental stimulation. In return, Max has limitless loyalty, love, and joy to offer. Max is currently living on the Isle of Wight.

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